CCTV Pipe Inspection Services

Drain Tech Australia uses the latest innovative equipment, remaining in the forefront of CCTV pipe and conduit surveying. Specialising in a vast array of CCTV pipe inspection services, using only the latest state of the art technology to service our clients.  Combine this with our experienced, trained and industry leading staff we have the ability to complete any job safely within strict deadlines and conditions.

Servicing all South East Queensland areas and beyond: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW.

Some of the many examples that separate our technologies and services from the competition are:

Pipe & Conduit Condition Inspection

Conducting high quality pipe condition assessments to evaluate integrity, structural condition and defects, utilising advanced CCTV technology

Inclination Reports

Calculation of a pipeline fall/gradient, using triangulated levels and CCTV robotic technology to produce a start/finish fall graph

Manhole Inspection

Detailed closed connection television (CCTV) video, images and flowchart of internal manhole, chamber, cavity or confined space produced into a report

Laser Pipe Profiling

Accurately measures pipe diameter, ovality, deflections and deformations to create instantly generated graphs in both 2- and 3-D

BOSW & BOS Applications

High quality CCTV report specifically for applications to build over council assets (sewer/stormwater)

CCTV Float Inspection

Using our specialised float inspection device and robotic camera, we can successful CCTV inspect pipes that conventional CCTV methods cannot. This allow us to inspect pipelines that are typically too high flow, permanently tidal influenced and are holding water.

Underground Services Inspection

Details internal report determining the overall asset condition of any sewerage, stormwater, water main or pipe

Defect & Alignment Locating

Using a location scouting sonde and CCTV robotic tractor specific data including location and depth,  captured by an above ground receiver enabling an exact pipe service alignment/defect location

Drain Cleaning & Waste Removal

High pressure water and vacuum is used to remove any unwanted debris
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