When constructing any infrastructure on private property that is close to a council owned underground pipe, your local council may dictate that a pre/post build over inspection of the pipe be conducted. This inspection is typically referred to as building over stormwater (BOSW) & Building over sewer (BOS) applications.

Our team of experienced and qualified staff operate within the WSAA guidelines and adhere to all council requirements for building over stormwater (BOSW) & Building over sewer (BOS) applications.

All reports can be printed onsite and given as both a paper and electronic copy as well as the CCTV footage of the pipeline to USB.

We conduct these reports for any council or water authority, including but not limited to:

If any you require any information regarding BOS and BOSW applications or wish to book in for a quote, be sure to contact us and our team of experienced and friendly staff will be in contact with you.

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Example Report

  • What does the report find?

    Working in conjunction with the live action CCTV robotic footage, every defect or observations found in the pipeline are recorded on the film footage to be received on USB and a report detailing all faults/ defects and observations with pictures is produced. This can then be handed into council as your pre or post build over inspection. Please see example report for details.

  • How do we generate the report?

    Using the latest innovative pipe coding and reporting technology with Wincan VX. We generate a structural and defect report of any pipeline or asset to specific council requirements. With the information received by the visual (CCTV) footage all defects and observations are located and recorded to a highly comprehensive report.

  • How will the final report be delivered?

    You will receive the detailed pipe conduit condition inspection report on site after job completion, printed out and footage on USB drive. A PDF of the report can be created upon instruction.

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This is an example of the detailed report you will receive.

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