Using our specialised float inspection device and robotic camera, we can successful CCTV inspect pipes that conventional CCTV methods cannot. This allow us to inspect pipelines that are typically too high flow, permanently tidal influenced and are holding water. This allowing us to inspect the integrity of the pipe when other can not.

This method of “floating” CCTV inspection has been very successful for client such as Gold Coast Council/ Sunshine Coast Council, who have a lot of tidally influenced stormwater pipes and water and sewerage authorities with high flow problems such as Queensland Urban Utilities and Unity Water.

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More Information
  • How do I determine when a Float Inspection is required

    Typically pipes are inspected with robotic tractors that can drive down the pipe, however that isn’t always possible. With pipes that are high in flow and permanently holding water due to tide or problems, the conventional way of CCTV isn’t the best method. The conventional method can cause to camera going under water or limited/ obstructed view making it impossible to accurately survey the pipe. With floating CCTV inspections we can properly asses the pipe with an unobstructed view, allowing us to float along the pipes water line.

  • How do we generate the report?

    Using the latest innovative pipe coding and reporting technology with Wincan VX. We generate a structural integrity and defect report of any pipeline or asset. With the information received by the visual (CCTV) footage all defects and observations are found and recorded to a highly comprehensive report.

  • How will the final report be delivered?

    This report along with CCTV footage is recorded onto a USB and all reports printed onsite to hand to customer.

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