Drain Tech Australia can determine underground pipe alignment with the use of the high-tech  sonde and CCTV robotic camera allowing us to locate its exact position and depth, with various readings along the pipe length it helps us determine the underground alignment of the pipe. This information is then marked on the surface to show alignment of asset and its depth. We can also detect any defect in a pipeline using the advanced sonde and locator technology. Using this process helps our clients pin point issues within the pipeline including:

  • areas in need of repair
  • location of defects
  • location of a blockage
  • locating a manhole or asset

With our underground robotic camera we can manoeuvre any underground service that our camera fit into. Utilising the built in sonde transmitter allows us to easily and reliably locate the underground issue aboveground.

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Example Report

  • What does the report find?

    Using inbuilt sonde and receiver technology we can locate any underground pipe alignment/ underground defect or asset within 8m of ground level. Our advanced CCTV robotic tractor uses a high-tech sonde transmitter which can then be received by a locator to determine its position and its depth.

  • Can I receive a Pipe Condition report with footage and pictures of the defect needing locating/ pipe alignment?

    Working in conjunction with the live action CCTV robotic footage we can generate a pipe condition assessment report as well as locate any defect found, buried manhole, asset that requires to be located as well as locate the alignment of a pipe and its length. We will mark any defect found or pipe alignment on ground level with paint and depth as required. Please see photos for details.

  • How we locate pipe alignment and how the final report be delivered?

    Using inbuilt sonde and receiver with our advanced robotic tractor, it manoeuvres down the pipe length and we can mark every 3-10m on ground level giving an on ground pipe alignment. This can be very helpful in determining where not to dig and where not to disturb when undertaking any construction around a pipe. You will also receive the detailed pipe conduit condition inspection report on site after job completion, printed out and footage on USB drive. A PDF of the report can be created upon instruction.

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This is an example of the detailed report you will receive.

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