Using the most advanced robotic CCTV cameras available we can create a fall and grade assessment of any pipeline or asset. With inbuilt levels our CCTV tractor records fall and rise in a pipe length and triangulates this information to generate the pipe level grade. Used in conjunction with our computer programing to create a line graph measurements of the fall and rise of the pipe length.

More Information

  • What does the report find?

    The report can test any pipeline of its fall and rise grade along a pipe length. This is possible with the use of triangulated levels and is then generated into a 2D graph. Please see example report for details.

  • How do we generate the report?

    Using triangulated inbuilt levels in a robotic tractor, and industry leading Wincan VX technology we can generate a start and finish fall and grade graph of any pipeline.

  • How will the final report be delivered?

    You will receive the detailed inclination report along with pipe conduit assessment on site after job completion, printed out and footage on USB drive. A PDF of the report can be created upon instruction.

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