We can inspect any manhole, chamber or borehole using our advanced CCTV camera. The camera can be lowered from the top or through a pipe asset, creating a visual inspection of the asset. Using the information found we collect data of any defects and observations, incoming pipes/outgoing pipes and correlate this information into a detailed inspection report. This gives clarification on condition of the asset and any required repairs needed to be undertake taken otherwise not visible from aboveground.

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Example Report

  • What does the report find?

    Working in conjunction with the live action CCTV robotic footage, every defect or observations found in the manhole are recorded on live footage to be received on USB and a report detailing all faults/ defects and observations with pictures. Please see example report for details.

  • How do we generate the report?

    Using the latest innovative pipe coding and manhole technology with Wincan VX, we generate a structural/integrity and defect report of any manhole to specific council requirements. With the information received by the visual (CCTV) footage all defects and observations are found and recorded to a highly comprehensive report.

  • How will the final report be delivered?

    You will receive the detailed manhole inspection report on site after job completion, printed out and footage on USB drive. A PDF of the report can be created upon instruction.

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This is an example of the detailed report you will receive.

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