With our experienced staff and industry advanced technology we can provide a service and structural/integrity report of any underground asset our robotic cameras can access. Using the latest version of Wincan VX and our advanced robotic CCTV camera, we can detect any defects, blockages/ intrusions, produce internal asset observations or just provide a visual onsite . With this information, we create a detailed report grading an asset’s condition with attached photos, line meterage’s of defects/ observations and DVD/ USB video footage of the asset.

This helps guide an owner with indicative decisions regarding the lifeline of their asset and any further repair/work required to maintain full function.

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Example Report

  • What does the report find?

    Working in conjunction with the live action CCTV robotic footage, every defect or observations found in the pipeline are recorded in the film footage to be received on USB and a report detailing all faults/ defects and observations with associated pictures. Please see example report for details.

  • How do we generate the report?

    Using the latest innovative underground service inspection and reporting technology with Wincan VX. We generate a structural integrity and defect report of any pipeline or asset. With the information received by the visual (CCTV) footage all defects and observations are found and recorded to a highly comprehensive report.

  • How will the final report be delivered?

    You will receive the detailed underground service inspection report on site after job completion, printed out and footage on USB drive. A PDF of the report can be created upon instruction.

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This is an example of the detailed report you will receive.

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